Copy charts to Powerpoint

You can copy and/or update all or selected charts - as well as specified cell ranges - from a workbook to Powerpoint. Even if the Powerpoint is edited and charts are moved and resizes, a subsequent update of the presentation will preserve the chosen size and position.


The powerpoint settings are available by clicking the "Copy to Powerpoint" button in SQLinExcel.

Set "Copy after running SQL" to "Yes" to transfer diagrams and/or cell ranges to Powerpoint. If no filename, path or template is provided, a new file is created. The new file will have same path and name (except .pptx) as the current Excel file. If the file does not already exist, the standard template will be used, and all diagrams in the current Excel file will be copied. The next time the copy is performed, the user will be asked whether to insert any new diagrams, unless a specific setting is provided. Copied diagrams and cell ranges are named in Powerpoint according to their sheet names and diagrams names. This feature makes it possible to update the content of the Powerpoint presentation, while maintaining the desired format and setup in the presentation. When an element in the presentation is replaced, the shape and size of the replaced element is preserved.

It is possible to copy one or more ranges (separated with a comma) into Powerpoint. A range is specified with typical Excel syntax, such as "DemoTable!A1:B3" to point at the cell range A1 to B3 on the sheet "DemoTable".